Our Portfolio


We're proud to represent wineries from some of the world's finest grape-growing areas, from traditional growing regions in southern Italy to new world areas of South Australia. We've developed strong partnerships with our wine suppliers, who now enjoy great successes in Atlantic Canadian markets.

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Wine is the most civilizing thing in the world.
— Ernest Hemingway

Craft Beer & Cider

During the past decade craft beer and cider sales have skyrocketed, and Atlantic Canada is no exception to that trend. Eisenhauer Agencies represents some of the best craft breweries and cideries in Canada and internationally with core brands and seasonal offerings being prominent on store shelves.

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Beer! Because no great story ever started with someone eating a salad.
— Anonymous

RTD & Spirits

The spirits category is experiencing a renewal in Atlantic Canada in non-traditional drinks. We are proud to be positioned with some of the best selling exotic spirits and popular Mixed Drinks. With our international and domestic suppliers, we remain dedicated to filling glasses with the finest brands available.

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Shaken, not stirred.
— James Bond